React JS is an open-source JavaScript library widely known for being high-performance, robust, and scalable. Created by Facebook, it is widely used by industry leaders such as Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Instagram, and Yahoo. The platform is broadly capable of rendering interactive UI designs for both web and mobile applications.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library meant for building user interfaces specifically for single page apps. It’s used for handling view layer for web and mobile apps.

This allows React js developers to create reusable UI components and develop large web apps. ReactJS can also be used in combination with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC.

Our team offers custom Reactjs services that handle data updates and synchronization without page reloading, as well as integration of existing applications or systems with ReactJS.


Why ReactJS

  • React library allows building high-performance web and mobile apps.
  • Virtual DOM allows partially updating a web app without affecting the whole UI.
  • Reusable modules save time on creating UI components significantly.
  • React’s one-way data flow, where properties flow down and actions flow up, allows building solutions with a well-structured code.
  • React’s Server Side Rendering makes web apps great for search engines.