.Net Application Development

.Net Application Development

Across the globe, thousands of business leverage Microsoft’s most impressive, reliable and robust .NET framework development for an outstanding performance as well as this platform serves as the future-proof solution to cultivate the growth of the organization. The robust platform of custom .NET development framework allows innovative and persuasive business application for websites and desktop environment. Microsoft .NET application development services offer a great platform for Object-Oriented Programming Languages (C#, and VB.NET), and stiff unification with SQL server database. Programs composed of the Microsoft .NET development services are executed in a software environment known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Our .NET service expertise includes:

  • NET, ASP.NET, MVC.NET application development
  • Migration of applications to .NET
  • .NET Custom Software Development
  • .NET Desktop and Web application development
  • Migration Services from ASP to .NET
  • Enterprise .NET Application Development
  • LINQ, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • Web services, WCF, WPF, XML, XSL
  • .NET Development Consulting Services

Major Benefits of .Net development:

  • It significantly reduces the quantity of code necessary in huge scale web applications which are created in .NET framework.
  • Web application development in .Net framework is highly secure and reliable.
  • It offers server controls and blueprints with the power of drag and drop and involuntary operation.
  • Source code and HTML code are separated, so editing is quite easy.

Salient attributes of .NET Technology

  • Core:NET, AZURE, DNA, COM, and COM+
  • XML Web Services:XSLT, SOAP and XML
  • Programming Languages:Visual basic .NET, Visual C# and Visual C++
  • .NET Servers:Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM server and much more
  • Database:My SQL, Oracle, Access, SQL server, SQL Azure