Custom CRM Solutions

Custom CRM Solutions


If you want to build, maintain and reinforce your customer associations, Avanzar Solution proffers custom CRM solutions through its skilled & experienced consultants. We create a smart and effective custom CRM system and guide you through all the stages of the execution of the solutions by advising & helping you choose the right policy. Our quality CRM software system suits your business model and incorporates into services and applications that you already use.

Open source CRM

SugarCRM is an affordable & famous commercial open source system that functions on 3 broad phases: acquisition, enhancement, and holding. It helps you to efficiently operate and manage your marketing and sales processes, retain customers and draw new business. Avanzar Solution  is expert in SugarCRM development and has built many successful CRM systems for many clients, utilizing all existing versions such as Community Edition and SugarCRM Pro.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widely executed strategy for the management of a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It makes use of technology to synchronize, organize and automate business processes like sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. In nutshell, a CRM helps you grow and grows with you.

SugarCRM integration

Our SugarCRM consultants are widely experienced in integrating SugarCRM systems into available business software or IT infrastructures like VOIP systems, E-mail marketing platforms, enterprise resource planning software, web portals and tailored as well as legacy systems.

An adaptable and flexible CRM

SugarCRM, built using PHP, is an adaptable & flexible CRM system that has amazing and easy- to -use web-based interfaces and features. It comes with useful functions like:

  • Order processing and marketing management
  • Customer account management
  • Customer service management
  • Lead and opportunity tracking