Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Custom software application development services comprise a wide dimension of solutions encompassing, web-based applications (Facebook, RIA), dashboard (Silverlight) & desktop (Mac, Windows & Dot net applications), mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry), flash applications, flex development etc. New technologies, solutions & applications keep adding to the list of custom & bespoke solutions with the vibrant changes in the industry.

custom application

Technologies We Cater

With the technological advancement in the IT industry, we respect each latest technology and we have the professionals to bring the best of the latest technology available for web, software or application development. Adhering to the latest insights of the industry, we at Avanzar Solution are compulsive to tailor the trending technologies as per your requirement.

Microsoft Technologies

We are gold certified Microsoft partners and offer custom software application development solution in Dot Net,, Silverlight, SharePoint platforms. DOT NET framework is one of our core specialty areas. From the progress of secure and robust web applications to serving comprehensive software solutions for enterprise-level needs – we bring in a range that is all-inclusive. Our expertise spans across all business verticals: be it B2B/B2C/C2C Ecommerce portals or client-server business applications.

Mobile Application Development

We can be your one-stop solution for Mobile Application Development as we have expertise in developing custom applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets, playbook, and Windows phone. The Mobile industry is going through serious advancements. New tech mobile phone, compact devices, tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular, and every business now wants to reach their end user through these mediums

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an economical style of computing with hosted services available over the Internet. Broadly classified as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), It provides a platform, technology, and applications in the cloud, and staying in the ‘clouds’ makes processes easier and quicker. As application development outsourcing is a recent trend among the technologically advanced countries, we have also indulged in delivering high-end cloud computing services. The entire cloud is managed in a hassle free manner without being worried of security precautions, version updates or infrastructural investment.

Open Source Platform Solutions

With years of expertise in various kinds of open source development, we are always ready to handle all your project requirements which can involve different dimensions of development, integration, migration, support, and testing to meet each specific requirement of the project. With our various open source packages and products, you can choose which best matches with your requirement or convenience; thus you would be able to have your own application or website developed with the maximum possible customization. The skillful professionals are well versed with open source platforms and the required customization techniques.