Android Wear Development

Android Wear Development

What Android Wear empowers you With?

The newest & hottest technology on the block, Google’s Android Wear extends Android to wearables. A variant of Google’s Android operating system, Android Wear can pair with Smartphones that operate on Android version 4.3+ to enable integrating Google Now functionality & mobile notifications into Smart watch form factor. It enables you –

  • Systematically organize your information and get the same when you require it the most
  • Get messages, weather updates and relevant notifications at a glance
  • Respond to texts, email by voice
  • Attain your fitness goals by periodic tracking of your fitness

Why Hire Our Android Wear Developer?

Our Android wear developers have a good know-how of the Android Wear SDK. It simply means that you can also get custom wearable apps & hand-held notifications made besides getting the ability to transfer data back and forth between a watch and tablet/phone. Each of our developer is well-equipped with the aftermath dealing with various factors, different processing power and multiple screens related to wearable devices. You can hire us owing to following reasons –

  • Rich Knowledge Base –Each of our Android Wear developer has in-depth knowledge of Android Wear development.
  • Periodic Client Follow Up –We maintain close communication with the clients, informing them about their project’s progress via chat, email or phone
  • Delivery as Promised –Our Android Wear developers keep track of the project running time to ensure that it is completed within the pre-decided time frame.